Data Scientist / Engineer at Hanalytics

Job Description

The candidate is a skilled data scientist and will be building deep learning models for medical image diagnosis applications such as segmentation, localization and classification of abnormalities. The candidate will write high quality model with high performance and good memory management, together with state-of-the-art accuracies and embed into our proprietary software. Our aim is to align you with the activities which truly interest you; will stretch you technically; help you grow and impact on billions of patients.


1. Knows computer vision / image segmentation, localization, classification 

2. Knows tensorflow or theano or torch 

3. Strong python, C++ or java coder 

4. Good knowledge of numpy, pandas, sklearn, scipy, seaborn 

5. Knows how to build deep learning models like RNN and CNN and other neural network models. 

Education: Bachelor / Master / PhD in engineering or computer science or mathematics or physics 

We can offer you: Master, Teach, Learn – The opportunity to work with, learn from and share knowledge with ultra-smart colleagues in a culture of collaboration and technical excellence. We groom our employees and make sure that they stay at the cutting edge of the technology stack. Impact – Huge potential to make a positive contribution across our business, people and partners Remuneration – Competitive pay with share award for top performers. We are willing to groom engineers and fresh graduates who don’t have a background in deep learning but are interested to learn. You will also have the opportunity to attend top machine learning conferences like NIPS and ICML

Job Category: Machine Learning, Computer Science, Computer Programming 

Job Type: Full-time 

Salary Range: SGD 4,800 – 7,200 

Equity: Based on performance 

Years of Experience Required: 1 – 4 years 

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