Web Developer/Lead required for AI project

Reposting for Michael (contact him here)

Hi All,

It’s great to be part of the ecosystem and I have a start-up that I’d like to share more since our team requires a like-minded individual to collaborate with us.

Xerrata aims to build AI products that helps B2C companies launch their products/platforms to market faster. Our prototypes help purchasers define their business requirements and then recommend an entire solution, solution design and the required vendors to contract with. We believe this approach helps drive the speed of innovation much faster than it it today, driving greater shareholder value to companies competing in the digital economy. We have myself (Founder) and a Data Scientist already on-board. We are seeking a Tech-driven member to collaborate and take this to prototype stage.

– will provide thought leadership in the company in how to develop our initial prototype from a development/engineering view

– will function as the engineering SME and (eventual head of the engineering team in Xerrata)

– will be happy to work in an individual contributor capacity (like the founders) or eventually lead a small team
– will provide web development (UI and Backend) to help complete our AI prototype

– will be well-versed in cloud platforms, particularly in AWS itself

– experience with Amazon Sagemaker is ideal

– interested parties should contact Michael D’Oliveiro at michaeld@xerrata.com

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