Inaugural AI Certified Engineer Awards Ceremony on 2 July 2020

It was not until as recent as the 1950s that the concept of Artificial Intelligence was expounded by a group of mathematicians, scientists and philosophers. Since Alan Turing’s 1950 paper Computing Machinery and Intelligence, the field has had an uneven journey of progress; with the advent of higher and less costly computing power, as well as better understanding of what AI can do, AI is now receiving a lot of attention from governments, businesses and scientists the world over.

Singapore is cognizant of the ability of AI to transform our businesses and lives; AI Singapore was thus established in June 2017 to harness the scientific and economic potentials of AI to develop local AI capabilities and grow the ecosystem for the country.  As a programme office, AI Singapore develops and runs national programmes, which includes AI Research Grant calls, AI Grand Challenges and 100 Experiments (100E), as well as our award-winning AI Apprenticeship Programme or AIAP®. 

Through the 100E, we assist companies in Singapore to solve their challenges through AI, and also help build up their own AI teams. While many companies do get off the launch pad through a 100E, they often report a challenge identifying the right people to recruit afterwards.  Modern AI tools and hardware have allowed many to learn to build and run simple AI models out of a laptop; however there exists a dearth of talents who can go beyond that, put AI models into production and deploy at scale. This became the motivation for AI Singapore to develop the AI Certification programme – a national assessment and certification framework to test and validate those who possess AI engineering capabilities and recognize them as AI Certified Engineers for companies in Singapore looking to hire such professionals.

The AI Certification Framework at a glance

To ensure the quality of eventual awardees and to earn the trust of the industry, the certification assessment has been designed with utmost rigour in mind – candidates for the AI Engineer Associate level (the first of 4 levels) have to pass a take-home assessment and thereafter, an interview with senior AI engineers from AI Singapore; those seeking certification at AI Certified Engineer Level I and Level II have to submit an in-depth technical report on the AI project/s they have embarked on in the course of their work, and attend an interview with a panel of senior AI engineers from AI Singapore and from the industry.

The journey for the awardees was not easy, but on 30 June 2020, we at AI Singapore were proud to officially award 76 certified AI Engineers, via an intimate virtual ceremony.

Together with the acknowledgement and support from our various industry stakeholders, which includes Daimler, Expedia, IBM amongst others, we are confident that these newly minted AI Engineers with their certified specialist expertise, will bring deep commercial value to the companies and organisations they join. Please join us in celebrating these individuals’ success and entry into certified AI Engineer fraternity!

The AI Certification is not an academic certificate conferred to one who achieves a minimum passing grade or score, it is a professional certificate awarded only to those who demonstrate the ability to deploy and deploy AI models in a commercial context.   If you have the experiences and have deployed a real-world AI solution – AI Singapore welcomes you to apply to AI Certification programme to get yourself certified.

An AI Certified Engineer certification will be a testament to your expertise, and also open doors to greater opportunities in the field.

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