Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

How to setup 2FA.


2FA Setup

We have adopted a TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION (2FA) login process to secure your account. Please make sure you have Google Authenticator, Authy or similar application installed on your PC or mobile.

You login into Kelaberetiv via the sidebar Login module as shown below. The sidebar appears when the Kelaberetiv menu item is clicked.

Login Process

The login screen is shown below when activated and you will enter your username and password as usual.

The 2FA screen will shown next, where you can enter the 2FA code from your authenticator application.

10 Days!

You will be given up to 10 days to setup your 2FA upon registration. Click on the 2FA setup notification shown below. 

Shown here is the 2FA setup screen. Please read the instructions carefully.

2FA Setup Screen

2FA Setup Successfully

If you 2FA is setup successfully, you will have the words (2FA) next to your username when you are logged in.

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