AI Research Grant Call Awardees

Grant Call 2018

Advancing Dense Prediction Methods for Visual Scene Understanding

Lin Guosheng (NTU)

Conversational Question Answering

Ng Hwee Tou (NUS)

Embedding Knowledge into Learning

Lee Wee Sun (NUS)

Targeting High Productivity Workforces via Data-Centric Transfer Optimization in the Internet Era

Ong Yew-Soon (NTU)

Enabling Spiking Neuromorphic Computation with On‐Board Learning Through Algorithm and Hardware Co‐design

Shaowei Lin (SUTD)

Rationalizing Deep Learning Model Decisions

Wynne Hsu (NUS)

PAT-AI: Privacy-Aware Transparency for AI in Singapore

Yair Zick (NUS)

One-Shot Learning: A Crucial Learning Paradigm Towards Human-like Learning

Fang Yuan (SMU)

Scaling Discrete Integration via SAT and CSP

Kuldeep S. Meel (NUS)