AI 2 Market – Give your AI start up a fighting chance

How does it Work?

How does a spin-off/start-up qualify for AI2M?

  • Your core competency is developing deep tech AI models (e.g. Computer Vision for objects in low lighting).
  • You are affiliated with one of Singapore's IHL (e.g. an AI researcher is your co-founder or board member).
  • You have a registered entity in Singapore (with UEN) before the start of the project.
  • You can commit to developing an AI model end-to-end over 12 months.
  • You can commit to utilising the AI2M seed grant primarily for manpower spending like salaries.
  • You can commit to giving first right of negotiation to invest in your start up's equity to the Company matching AISG seed grant.
  • Applicants referred to us by a Singapore IHL would have a signficant edge.

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