AI For Industry (ai4i)


AI Singapore’s AI for Industry (AI4I) – Practical Foundation in AI with Python is a 3-month hybrid programme  with AI curriculum on DataCamp  and 9 hours of   online interactions lead by AI Singapore mentors.

The objective of the programme is to enable technically inclined individuals to understand and use AI appropriately, and able to program basic AI and data applications in Python or R.

Programme Details

Duration: 3 months
Course Fee: $535 (including GST)


  • 3-months hybrid programme with AI curriculum on DataCamp
  • 9 x  1-hour Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) online interactions lead by AI Singapore mentors
  • At least 2 face-to-face sessions at AI Singapore during the programme.
  • To complete a project in DataCamp during the 3-month duration
  • 1 year subscription to DataCamp (For Continuous Learning)
  • Access to Intel AI Academy materials
  • Access to AISG Kelaberetiv forums and community
  • CITREP+ Supported Programme
  • Candidates who successfully complete the program within 3 months will be awarded:
    • The Foundations in AI Certificate

CurricUlum content

Intro to Python For Data Science

Intermediate Python for Data Science

python data science toolbox


Cleaning Data in Python

pandas foundations

Manipulating dataframes with pandas

Merging dataframes with pandas

intro to sql for data science

introduction to databases in python


AI4I is specially designed for engineers, software developers, managers, executives who are technically inclined and keen to learn programming to develop basic AI and data applications.

Application portal WILL OPEN in oct 2018




1. Who is this programme for and what are the outcomes upon completion?

AI4I is a 3 months programme is to provide technical executives, managers, developers a learning experience in building data and AI application using  Python. Upon completion, you will be able to build basic data/AI applications.


2. When is the program starting? 

The programme is scheduled to start in Mid Nov 2018. We will be calling for applications in October 2018.


3. What are the fees to join this training programme?

$535 (including GST). As AI4I is CITREP+ endorsed, you may receive funding support from CITREP+ here. Please select the course title,  ‘Practical Foundations in AI with Python‘, when applying for CITREP+ funding.


4. Do I have to give up my current job to join the training programme?

No. This course is designed to enable professionals to continue learning and up-skilling themselves.


5. I am currently working. May I know what is the commitment like for the course?

The course is flexible where you set your own learning pace. You are required to complete the course within 3 months in order to be eligible for CITREP+ funding. There are nine scheduled 1-hour time slot for  the Ask-Me-Anything online interaction sessions and three 3-hour workshops.  All sessions are  conducted by AI Singapore’s mentors.


6. What if I decide to drop out of the course?

Please refer to our refund policy in the Terms & Conditions. 


7. Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes, upon completion of the course within 3 months, you will be awarded “The Foundations in AI Certificate” issued by AI Singapore.


8. What is the criteria for successful completion of the course?

You will have to complete ‘Data Scientist with Python’ track with 75% (74,783 XP out of 99,710 XP) of the total XP and achieved 75% attendance in the face-to-face sessions.


9. Do I need to be a Singaporean/ Singaporean PR to apply?

Yes, only Singaporeans or Singaporean PRs will be accepted into our programme.

10. I am not a Singaporean / Singapore PR but I would like to attend the programme. What can I do?

Our programme is based on DataCamp’s content, you may sign up with DataCamp without signing up for our programme. In the AI4I – Practical Foundations in AI with Python , we have added on with nine 1-hour AMA sessions and three 3 face-to-face sessions. 


11. Must I complete ‘Introduction to Python for Data Science’ to apply for AI4I?

Yes. You are required to complete ‘Introduction to Python with Data Science’ with minimum 75% (3,525 XP)  of the total of 4,700 XP.

12. Why must I do the DataCamp “Introduction to Python with Data Science” when I already know Python programming.

This will allow us to assess that you have the minimum knowledge we required to embark on the programme.  In addition, you will be able to  find out if the online learning platform suits your learning style.


12. What is XP? 

XP is a way of gauging how well you are doing or how engaged you are in DataCamp. It is calculated automatically based on courses, exercises or other actions you complete in DataCamp. Your total or cumulative XP will appear in the top right-hand corner of your screen and on your profile page. Whenever you choose the option to take a Hint or Show Solution, XP will be deducted from your potential additionally awarded XP.


13. After completing this programme, will I be able to find a job as an AI Engineer/Developer?

This programme is the entry point to being an AI Engineer / Developer. 


14. What is the difference between AI4I Programme and DataCamp’s ‘Data Science with Python’ Course’?


AI For Industry


✔︎ Online access to ALL DataCamp’s Modules for 12 months ✔︎ Online access to ALL DataCamp’s Modules for 12 months
✔︎ Access to DataCamp’s ‘Data Scientist with Python‘ Career Track ✔︎ Access to DataCamp’s ‘Data Scientist with Python’ Career Track
✔︎ Weekly 1 hour Ask-Me-Anything online sessions with AI Singapore’s mentor
✔︎ 2 x 3hrs AI Workshops by AI Singapore mentors
✔︎ Foundations in AI Certificate issued by AI Singapore
✔︎ CITREP+ reimbursement (for qualifying candidates only)
✔︎ Additional entry requirements needed to apply


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