AI for Students

Enabling the next generation of AI talents

About AI for Students

AI for Students (AI4S) is a programme to bring basic programming and data skills to the classroom.

DataCamp will provide access to their DataCamp online data learning platform to all full time students who are currently enrolled in government / government-aided secondary schools and Post-Secondary Education Institutes (PSEI) of Singapore at no cost. Educators can use DataCamp to conduct training for full time students (up to undergraduates) only.

AI Singapore will facilitate and coordinate the access of the DataCamp platform under this initiative. More details about the DataCamp for classroom programme can be found here.


Programme Benefits

Educator’s Resource

  • Track each of your student’s progress in detail
  • Set homework using assignment and deadlines, with automated scoring
  • Integrate with common learning management system (Sakai, Blackboard, Canvas…)

Students’ benefits

  • Access to the entire course curriculum
    (>250 hours), including premium courses
  • Participate in leader boards and discussion forums
  • Internship opportunities* with AI Singapore and gain hands-on with real-life industry projects

* to enquire with AI Singapore

How to get started

01. Enrollment

Submit your application via registration form on AI Singapore’s website (below)

02. Approval

AI Singapore will verify your registration and will advise the next steps thereafter

03. Success

Access to your DataCamp Educator’s account will be provided to you within 5 business days

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

All local educational institutes from government / government-aided secondary schools and Post-Secondary Education Institutes (PSEI) can apply for the programme

Can multiple educators from one institute apply for the programme?

You may nominate a single representative from your department to apply for the programme. Applications from different departments of the same institute will be accepted.

How long will access to DataCamp be given?

Upon successful application, you will be given access for 6 months

Can the same educator reapply for the programme after 6 months?

Yes, you may but you are required to reapply using the same form.

Application FOrm

Contact Details

Please include the contact details of your Institution's representative
For verification purposes

Class Details

Please input the details of the class you will be teaching.
The name of the class will be used to identify your DataCamp group.
A description of your class/programme and your expected outcomes
Premium Access will only be available as of the provided start date. Note that we require all students to be invited at the latest 15 days after the start date.
Please separate each module with a comma ',' To view all DataCamp modules, visit

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