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AI Singapore & Data Science SG Meetup

April 19, 2018 @ 6:45 pm - 8:30 pm

AI Singapore is pleased to partner with Data Science SG for their April meetup where 2 speakers from AI Singapore will share about their work in data science and related fields.

Proposed Programme & Synopsis

  • 1845 – 1900: Networking
  • 1900 – 2030: Talk

Talk #1 – Deep Learning without a power-hungry GP
by KONG Hai Xun 

Speaking about deep learning, it almost always be confined in the hardware realm of GPU racks, CUDA computing etc. These are bulk hardware that are costy and power hungry. What if you could run the state-of-the-art neural network with the help of a a USB stick on a raspberry pi and achieves decent run-time speed? Find out how this can be done using Intel NCS compute stick.

About the Speaker
Hai Xun is an AI Engineer with AI Singapore, a national program to boast AI capabilities in Singapore. He has previous work experience in self driving vehicles, mainly in the area of robot perception system. His main interest is in applied machine learning and computer vision. He also holds a master degree in engineering from NUS.


Talk #2 – Pipelines, packages and practices for better care and feeding of ML systems by Jeanne CHOO
The traditional Python Data Science Stack is incomplete. While areas like data cleaning, data visualisation and model development are addressed by Pandas, Scikit-learn and Matplotlib, other, equally important features like model reproducibility, interpretability, retraining and lifecycle management have received little attention. Lately, however, academic papers tackling these fields have been published, often with accompanying Python packages. In parallel, practitioners are solving these problems with Python solutions that co-opt ideas from Dev-ops and scientific computing. As a result, we can now build workflows that are accountable to end-users and that adapt well to new data. This talk traces the developments in this space, lists the pipelines, packages and practices that have resulted, and ties these ideas together with a final, end-to-end example.

About the Speaker:
Jeanne started programming at Code and Cake events. In the beginning, she mostly ate cake. Over time the ratio shifted in favour of code. She got involved with R Ladies, spoke at Google Developer Dev Fest and ran workshops for people interested data analysis. In her previous life, Jeanne was a scientist, studying everything from animal behaviour to blood cancer to the predator starfish in the oceans. She believes the key word in data science is science, and enjoy uncovering the ways science and computing inform each other.

Please note Data Science’s SG attendance policy ( https://www.meetup.com/DataScience-SG-Singapore/events/228169542/ ). Attendees are REQUIRED to RSVP to the event to be allowed into the venue. People who are neither in the “going” nor “wait” lists may be turned away.

Please be considerate and kindly update your RSVP if you are not able to make it, thanks. 


April 19, 2018
6:45 pm - 8:30 pm



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