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The 100E Application Process  


Liyi Ang
Joined: 11 months ago
Posts: 55
12/10/2018 10:30 am  

To simplify and accelerate the process, we have adopted a two stage process.

Stage 1

  1. Company (Project Sponsors) will work with AI Singapore 100E team to define a problem statement.
  2. If 100E determines that the project is suitable and may be supported, a simple 2-pager project scoping form will be provided.
  3. The 2-pager project scoping form basically distills the project problem statement, high-level technical requirements, and most importantly, the value the project brings to the organization, its users and/or customers, and/or Singapore (if applicable).
  4. AI Singapore management committee will then evaluate the proposal and determine if the project can be supported. If supportable, we go into Stage 2.


The company at this stage may already be working with a researcher - which is great and simplifies the process. Otherwise, AI Singapore will assist in finding a suitable researcher (Project Performer) at Stage 2.


Stage 2

  1. Company (Project Sponsor) will complete the formal application form for 100E.
  2. If the company is already working with a AI Singapore approved researcher, the researcher will complete the Project Proposal template, otherwise, AI Singapore will assist the company is finding a suitable researcher within the AI Singapore Kelaberetiv community. 
  3. To find a suitable match, the 100E problem statement is summarized and sanitized and posted to the 100E private forum accessible only to qualified researchers (Project Performers).
  4. Project Performers interested in the project can submit their interest via this forum.
  5. The company can also use the search function in this forum to search for suitable candidates if they prefer not to share their problem statement to the wider community. Hence it is important that researchers (Project Performers) complete their profile as much as possible to allow for a good match.
  6. When a match is done, the company will work with the researcher to submit the project proposal.
  7. A Stage 2 review will then evaluate the proposal, and if approved, a Research Collaboration Agreement will be signed between the company and the institution the researcher is from. AI Singapore will facilitate the process.


Hope this helps clarify the 100E application process.


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