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What is 100Experiments?  


Liyi Ang
Joined: 11 months ago
Posts: 55
12/10/2018 10:38 am  

The 100Experiments (100E) programme is to encourage companies  (Project Sponsors) in Singapore to embark on the AI/ML journey by leveraging the AI/ML researchers (Project Performers) in the universities and research ecosystem in Singapore.

The approved institutions for the 100E are:

  1. A*STAR
  2. NUS
  3. NTU
  4. SMU
  5. SUTD

Note that AI Singapore does not provide any grants/cash to the companies – what we want to do is to fund a research/engineering team in the universities to work on a specific AI product or AI service leading to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in 9-months or 18-months.

The companies are expected to contribute 1:1 in terms of cash and/or in-kind.

The AI Singapore grant provided to the Project Performers will be used to fund the Research Assistants, PhD students and/or Postdoc assigned to the project. Standard NRF terms on allowable/non-allowable items applies.

Specifically, the grant does not fund acquisition of AI hardware such as GPU clusters. We encourage the project team to use National Supercomputing Center (NSCC) resources and/or AI Singapore resources.

Each 100E project will also include the following manpower resources:

  1. 1- 2 developers from our AI Apprentice Programme (graduates with strong programming, ML or Devops skills who wants to become an AI Engineer)
  2. 1 x Mentor from the AISG team who has experience in either AI/ML, Devops and/or software application development to mentor the apprentices and provide expertise to get to production quality code
  3. 1 x Project Manager to project manage and work with your team and the company to ensure the MVP can be build and delivered on schedule and to the agreed scope of work

We will adopt software engineering best practices like Agile, Scrum, daily builds etc., to keep the development fast and agile and to adapt to new knowledge as the project progresses and adjust the deliverables as required. 
Summary of 100E Programme:

  1. Open to all Singapore registered companies
  2. Researchers (Project Performers) to come from NUS, NTU, SMU, SUTD, A*STAR
  3. Maximum support is $250,000 per project to the Project Performer.
  4. Company (Project Sponsor) will contribute 1:1 in cash and/or in-kind
  5. Duration of project: 9-months or 18-months
  6. AI Singapore resources assigned to each 100E project:
    1. 2 x AI Apprentice
    2. 1 x AISG Engineering staff/mentor
    3. 1 x AISG Project Manager

Please visit the 100E page for more details.



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