AI for Kids (AI4K)

Developing interest in AI through a fun, hands-on curriculum

AI for Kids (AI4K) is a programme designed to develop interest and understanding of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning concepts in primary school children. The interactive and hands-on curriculum, which has been specially designed by AI Singapore’s very own AI engineers, in partnership with NUS High students, aims to guide the children to ultimately develop their own AI-centric solutions via Scratch and Microsoft Cognitive Services for a relatable problem they face in their daily lives.

About the Curriculum

The full AI4K curriculum consists of 12 structured lessons which includes s

AI For Kids Content Outline


Target Group: Primary Students in Singapore

Total Curriculum Hours: 12 – hours

  1. Introduction to Machines and Computers (1h)
    • What is a Machine?
      • Discussion about what a machine is
    • Examples of machine in daily life
    • What is a Computer?
      • Discussion about what a computer is
    • Examples of computers in daily life
      • Discussion about how to computerise things
      • Allow students to draw what they visualize
  2. Problem Solving and Algorithms (1h)
      • Algorithms allows the user to communicate with computers
      • Problem Solving Steps
      • Employing problem solving in algorithms
      • Stack-it activity
  3. Sequences and Loops(1h)
    • What is a code and what does it do?
    • Sequences and Loops
    • Graph Paper Programming
  4. Selection Statements(1h)
  5. Code and Function
  6. Introduction to AI (1h)
  1. Computer Vision (1h)
    • Data Representation
    • Computer Vision
    • Edge Detection Activity
  2. Introduction to Machine Learning (1h)
  1. Rock, Paper, Scissors using Azure Custom Vision on Scratch
    • Custom Vision by Microsoft Azure on Scratch
  2. Project work (Students to build their own projects based on what is learnt)
  3. Project work (Students to build their own projects based on what is learnt)
  4. Project sharing and Presentation

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