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Programme Structure

The AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP) aims to groom local AI talent by enhancing their technical careers as well as skills. Gain exposure to and work on real-world industry projects from scoping of problem statements to deploying models.

  • 2-month AI coursework covering areas like supervised and unsupervised learning, Deep Learning and Machine Learning applications, etc.
  • 7-month on-the-job training on a real-world AI problem
  • A monthly stipend of SGD$3,500 to $5,500 will be provided

Training Content

Curated Content

Apprentices will benefit from a range of content, with the intention of gaining exposure in machine learning concepts, develop career and technical assessment skills, and ultimately, to instill confidence to solve problems and handle the unknown.

Self-directed Learning

Learning is self-directed. Every week, apprentices will tackle individual assignments, explore existing solutions and contribute to extensive discussions with mentors and field experts.

Tailored Learning Discussions

We tailor discussions to extend an apprentice’s knowledge, challenge them to think more deeply and also to impart the thinking and research skills essential to remaining relevant.

minimum Requirements

  • Only Singapore citizens should apply
  • Graduated from a recognised university

Knowledge and proficiency requirements

Any of the below proficiencies will be helpful in this course:

  • Calculus, linear algebra, probability, statistics, discrete mathematics and/or data structures and algorithms knowledge
  • Programming proficiency, especially in Python and/or R
  • Familiarity with machine learning algorithms
  • Linux, shell scripting, virtual machines or containers
  • Experience in developing data products, applications or services
  • Familiar with leading cloud computing services such as AWS, Azure, GCP and big data technologies such as Spark
  • DataCamp’s ‘Data Scientist with Python’ career track or similar courses is a minimum entry, however, as it is a competitive entrance, we have found candidates accepted into the programmes typically are a level or two above. We encourage candidates to have at least spent 12 - 18 months on a self-learning journey starting with the above, and progressing to more advanced materials.

Application Process

Registration Period for Batch #4 : Mid-Late May

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of candidates are you looking for?

We are looking for candidates who possess a keen interest in the area of machine learning and data science. We believe that candidates can come from any area of specialisation, and our only requirement is that you are a Singaporean with a university degree. Beyond that, demonstrated statistical fundamentals and programming ability will be helpful for the technical tests, but a keen learning attitude will be the most important to carry you through the programme.

What will be covered in the programme?

We will begin with some structured coursework involving programming, modelling and deployment. Following which, apprentices will be assigned to projects to hone their skills in-depth, specific to each project.

Generally, you will be doing the following:

  • Deploy Machine Learning applications in line with industry best practices
  • Select, train and tune Machine Learning algorithms
  • Design and build Data Pipelines and Infrastructures for AI Use Cases

Do I have to pay?

No. The apprentices will receive a stipend between SGD$3,500 to $5,500/month depending on your experience level.

Do I need to have any programming background?

We do not require that you have any education and work experience related to computing. However, most of our everyday programme work, including technical assessment, require programming. Hence, you will need to know how to programme.

Do I need to have all the above criteria to apply?

The above criteria are recommended guidelines, but it is not necessary to have all the above mentioned skills. Applying once does not exclude you from applying again, so do it give it a try if you are up to the challenge!

What is the outcome of this programme?

Candidates can expect to be equipped in some or all of the following skills: data modelling/tuning, data engineering, data product-related software engineering, cloud applications. It ranges between individuals, but candidates can be adequately prepared in fields of data science, engineering and consultancies.

Will I get a job after?

While AI Singapore encourage our industry partners to source for job placing, it is ultimately your responsibility to find a job most suitable for yourself.

will there be a next round of applications?

Yes, we run 3 iterations of the programme every year, exactly 4 months apart. Do apply again after 3 months if you are unavailable to make it to the current batch.

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