AI Research

To seed high quality research efforts aimed at developing fundamental AI novel techniques, algorithms and adjacent technologies that will eventually significantly contribute to the other pillars of AI Singapore. Additionally, the AI Singapore Research Programme encourage national research collaborations and nurture local AI talents.

Important Questions

What are the gaps in current AI technology?

What are the new AI advances with positive economic and societal impacts?

How can we use AI safely and securely?

How do we design AI to align to ethical, legal and societal principles?

Our Research Interests

Call for AI Kickstarter Proposal

The AI Kickstarter Grant Call provides a platform for AI researchers in Singapore to explore innovative ideas which have the potential to be developed into full proposals for large-quantum grant calls. It aims to fund multi-disciplinary applications, reflecting novel ideas and visions that are under explored and/or have significant social impacts.

There is no restriction on topics. However, researchers may consider these suggested areas:

  • Collaborative AI
  • Life Long Learning AI
  • Privacy-Aware AI
  • Resource Efficient AI
  • Trustworthy AI

Proposals should emphasise novel and significant contributions in methodologies and algorithms rather than domain-specific solutions.

The funding support (inclusive of 20% IRC) is up to $100,000 per proposal, for a maximum of 1-year.

Note: If your application for the grant is successful, you are expected to submit your application to the NRF Competitive Research Programme (CRP) / MOE AcRF Tier 3 and its equivalent grant calls. Otherwise, a report detailing why the initial proposed approach is not feasible, is required.

AI Kickstarter Grant Call is now closed.