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Inaugural call for proposals

We invite applications in the field of advanced research in machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing, and how AI interacts and collaborates with humans. Topics of interest also include, but are not limited to, techniques to enhance robustness and explainability of AI, learning from small data, learning from multimodal data, abstraction and generalisation, and AI with sense-making, hypothesis generation, design and creative capabilities. Proposals should emphasise on methodology and algorithms, rather than domain-specific solutions.

Applications are now CLOSED – Stay tuned for our next Research Grant Call in 2019….

For any enquiries, please contact Ms Lim Le Ying,

Important AI questions remain…

  • What are the gaps in current AI technologies?
  • What are the new AI advances with positive economic and societal impacts?
  • How can we use AI safely and securely?
  • How do we design AI to align to ethical, legal and societal principles?

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