Talent Development

AI Singapore’s talent programmes help Singaporeans and working professionals in Singapore keen to embark on their AI journey.  We will help you acquire the relevant skills, be data-aware and AI-ready through courses such as AI for Everyone (AI4E)™, the AI for Industry (AI4I), AI for Students (AI4S) and AI for Kids (AI4K)™.  

Our AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP)™ is a 9-months full-time apprenticeship available only to Singaporeans.   Successful applicants, who pass AISG’s technical assessments and interviews, get to deepskill and work on a real-world AI problem through 100E with AI Singapore’s AI mentors.

AI is here to stay. It is a tool which everyone needs to know and leverage.

AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP)™

A 9-months full-time apprenticeship where successful applicants deepen their AI/ML skills in 2-months with a carefully designed curriculum which provided the necessary knowledge to take on an AI/ML engineering project, followed by ten 3-weeks sprint to deliver a Minimum Viable AI Model for a real-work industry project.

For Singaporeans only.

So you want to become an AI Apprentice?

AI for Everyone (AI4E)™

A 3-hour workshop to introduce anyone to modern AI technologies and applications so that you can be savvy consumers of AI products and services. You will learn how to identify opportunities and potential use cases in your work and daily lives, and build a simple AI model with online tools. For working professionals, managers and executives who are not in an IT or software engineering role and wish to find out more about the AI space.

AI for Industry (AI4I)

A hybrid programme to help technically inclined individuals understand and use AI appropriately and be able to program basic AI and data applications in Python. The AI curriculum is conducted on DataCamp’s platform and will also include face to face workshops/online interactions led by AI Singapore mentors. For Engineers, software developers, managers, executives who are technically inclined and keen to learn programming to develop basic AI and data applications.

AI for Students (AI4S)

A programme to equip our next generation of AI talents with basic programming and data skills. Through AISG’s partnership with DataCamp, schools can tap on one of the best data science education platforms to teach data skills to the students and make data fluency part of their learning journey. For All Singapore educators in Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges, Polytechnics, Institute of Technical Education, as well as teaching staffs in publicly-funded autonomous Universities.

AI for Kids (AI4K)™

A programme to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) to primary school children through blended learning and hands-on workshops. This curriculum, designed by AI Singapore’s very own AI engineers in partnership with NUS High students, teaches participants machine learning concepts and how to use popular tools such as Scratch and Azure Cognitive Services to build basic AI applications. For upper primary school children (aged 10 to 12 years) in Singapore public schools.