100 Experiments

Idea to MVP in 9 - 18 months

How 100 Experiments Works

Matching the industry to the top AI minds in Singapore to solve their AI problem statements.

100 Experiments (100E) consists of significant industry-surfaced problem statements, brought forward by the project sponsor, for which no existing commodity-off-the-shelf (COTS) solution exists, but for which existing AI technologies can be quickly built with limited research.

100E funds the assembled academics and researchers in the IHLs and RIs up to $250,000 to work on the project sponsor’s problem statement.

The project sponsor is expected match funding 1:1 in-kind (engineering manpower) and in-cash.


The AI Singapore ecosystem currently consists of: National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore Management University (SMU), Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), and Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR).


AI Ready

AI technology which are ready for deployment.


Reach Minimum Viable Product in 9 – 18 months.


Scale from Singapore to the world.


Come to us with a potential problem statement where AI could be used to solve it effectively. We will help you scope, distill and refine it, and then post to the AI ecosystem of researchers.


AI Singapore will try to find and match a suitable researcher to you project.


Qualified researchers will submit their proposal for evaluation after they have met you and worked with your team to better understand the problem.


AI Singapore together with your team will qualify and select the most appropriate proposal for you.


We will award up to $250,000 to the researchers to work on your problem statement in a 1:1 matching grant.

Project Sponsors

Any Singapore registered company or government agency.


Project Performers



Financial Support

Up to $250,000 to the project performers.



AI Singapore will provide 1:1 funding to support the project.



Project sponsors are to match 1:1 with 30% cash and 70% in-kind.



In-kind refers to companies’ engineering resources allocated for co-development.



MVPs are typically 9-18 months.


R&D Location

All R&D to be done in Singapore.



Experienced software engineers from the AI Singapore team and AI Apprentices from the AI Apprentice Programme will be paired with researchers and your team.


AI Platforms

AI Singapore’s own experimental AI infrastructure, NSCC production-grade systems and public cloud.



MVP must deploy into production.



It should delight your users and customers.


Submit A 100E Problem Statement

To submit a 100E for consideration, please head over to  KELABERETIV and register as a member, after which you can submit a 100E for consideration.


The Team

Laurence LIEW

Director, AI Industry Innovation

Maurice Manning

Head, AI Applications

Najib Ninaba

Head, AI Platforms

William Tjhi

Associate Director and Head, AI Engineering